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Are you aware of what's going on behind your back?

No, we are not talking about gossip.... We are talking about your spine and the nervous system.


Behind your back is the world’s most sophisticated intelligence network, a remarkable system that relays information to quadrillions of cells in your body. It coordinates, heals, controls, and maintains your body’s myriad functions. Your spinal column is probably the most important structure in your body. It is made of 24 connected vertebrae joined together by disks and cartilage. These flexible vertebrae allow the spine to bend forward, backward, and sideways, enabling you to tie your shoes, swing a golf club, throw a baseball, dance or hug your family.


But most important of all, your spinal column is the structure that supports and protects your nervous system, which imparts vital nerve energy to your organs, glands, cells, and all parts of your body. As we do our normal activities of daily living we encounter many stressors that can put a “wrench” in the way your back performs.


Muscle tightness or inflexibility, poor posture, trauma and/ or overuse can be an issue. Also, organ dysfunction like constipation, gallbladder congestion, lung and kidney issues can cause you to have back pain. With Nutrition Response Testing we can find out if you have a problem with your back that requires a chiropractic adjustment or if one of your organs or another stressor are causing the problems.


Attend to the well-being of your spine, by scheduling an appointment with one of our doctors to find out the REAL cause of your back issues, and by so doing, promote the well-being of your entire body!


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