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Michelle Penicook, RD, LD


Philosophy of Care

Michelle is a Dietitian who is passionate about integrative and holistic nutrition, as well as other modalities that help to improve health, prevent disease and aid the body in healing itself.  Her mission is to help you live a healthy and symptom-free life using whole-food nutrition and lifestyle changes. She uses a functional approach to figure out the root cause of symptoms, and together, you can develop a personalized plan to get you feeling better and living your best life.


She earned her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Illinois State University.  After graduation she went on to attend Dominican University in River Forest, IL to complete her Masters in Business and Dietetic Internship. Through her 2 year-long internship she gained expertise in many areas of nutrition, including clinical, food service and community nutrition. Michelle has completed her training in Nutrition Response Testing and continues to study and learn under her mentor Dr.Lisa D'Eramo.

Michelle’s Health Story

While completing her dietetic internship Michelle started experiencing many debilitating symptoms. Traditional medical tests and doctors could not figure out what was causing her symptoms so she decided to reach out to alternative practitioners. Michelle found a doctor who utilized muscle testing in her practice and started to receive care. At the same time, Michelle was seeing a functional medicine doctor and was diagnosed with Lyme disease and mold toxicity from her new home she moved into right before beginning her graduate program. Nutrition response testing has put Michelle’s Lyme Disease into remission and her other chronic conditions have responded wonderfully. Through the use of nutraceuticals and other natural health methods, Michelle is now living a full and vibrant life. 

Michelle maintains an active practice in Hinsdale, Thursday through Saturday, and is the Dietitian at The LaCava Center for Integrative Medicine Monday- Wednesday

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