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  Laura Beth Allen LMT, NCTMB, LSHC


About Laura


After 20 years of holistic living and inspired by a debilitating muscular injury of a relative, Laura made the very natural career change to healthcare.   After completing an internship in hospice/geriatric massage, Laura graduated from the University of Health Sciences in Lombard Illinois at the top of her class.  She went on to work in chiropractic office settings, a massage therapy wellness center and in independent private practice.  Specializing in therapeutic massage and bodywork she offers techniques including deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, trigger point, Swedish massage, energy work, pregnancy massage and chair/seated massage.  Laura includes both western and eastern practices in her massage. She is a licensed spiritual health coach assisting clients to reveal sensitivities, imbalances, and hidden stresses in order to gain self knowledge, improve peak performance and facilitate the body-mind connection for wholeness and well being.


Her Philosophy


Her years of personal practice and interest in yoga, nutrition, and healing energy modalities serve as a foundation for her own focus and commitment to wellness.  From this foundation comes the ability to facilitate an exceptional experience of bodywork. Clients appreciate her firm touch, positive energy, intuitive skills and her specific knowledge of anatomy.   Laura believes that the body, the mind and the spirit are all equally important and essential to overall health and that massage and spiritual wellness are a valuable compliment to other wellness modalities aiming at both specific and total body wellness.  Her mission is to help guide people toward healing and well-being while being an active member of their healthcare team.


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