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Liz Reynolds LCSW


About Liz


Liz is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in private practice specializing in children/teens, parenting, and women's health.  Her experience stems from a variety of clinical settings over the last 20 years including elementary and high school social work, non profit, mental health agencies for adults, and recreational therapy for children with disabilities.  Liz's experience in the last 13 years as a high school social worker brings expertise and understanding working with parents and children to address school related problems.  The incredible opportunity to work with numerous parents as a school social worker (and as a proud mama to her 6th and 3rd grader) has provided a foundation for her passion to support parents through the challenges of raising kids with a strong sense of self in our fast paced, pressure-filled, media-driven world.  


Liz was first introduced to Dr. Lisa by a dear friend due to her physical symptoms related to gallstones.  Through nutritional adjustments and supplements, Dr. Lisa has been instrumental in helping Liz get back to a healthy balance post gall bladder removal.  Two years after first meeting Dr. Lisa, Liz is beyond thrilled to introduce herself as a psychotherapist in private practice at Pathways Center for Wellness.  This journey has been instrumental in Liz's additional specialty in women's health and wellness. Whether managing symptoms of depression, anxiety, life transitions, or the daily stressors that inhibit the emotional, physical and spiritual balance, Liz strives to create a safe, non judgmental environment to address her client's personal goals. 



Please contact Liz to schedule an appointment: 

630-981-7718 or



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