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Success Story


Dr. Lisa is an essential part of my health care team. I am very blessed by her compassionate and skilled care. She has greatly moved me forward on my journey towards optimal health.


When I first came to see Dr. Lisa, I was chronically ill with Lyme disease; my body was weak and depleted from the toll that it had taken on me over many long years. Previously, I had done traditional medicine that consisted of taking prescription medications to mask my symptoms, but did not address the underlying causes of these symptoms. My health continued to degrade over time, with little progress towards real improvement.


In contrast, Dr. Lisa’s treatment has, step-by-step, built up my body by addressing the root causes of my symptoms. She has handled problems with my surgical scars, corrected vitamin and mineral deficiencies, detoxed me of heavy metals and chemicals, strengthened various organs in my body, and much more. Dr. Lisa always finds just the right thing to move me gently forward to the next level of healing. Other Doctors tried to move me forward too fast (or in the wrong direction), and I always ended up taking steps backward. Dr. Lisa is exceptional at reading my body and intuitively understanding how to move me forward, making steady, onward progress towards healing.


Now that Dr. Lisa has helped me build up a strong foundation, I am able to undertake aggressive treatment for Lyme with an M.D. I continue to see Dr. Lisa every month (now, driving all the way from Wisconsin). My Lyme M.D. is very pleased that I see Dr. Lisa while undergoing his treatment; he says that what she does for me makes his treatment more effective.


I’ve seen numerous doctors over the course of two decades of chronic illness – Dr. Lisa is one of the best. She is an excellent problem solver, is very patient, and is up to date on the latest research. She is the best listener, and encourager, of any doctor I have ever seen. Furthermore, she has taken the time to teach me life-long lessons about nutrition, and how my body works, that I will carry with me the rest of my life. I am truly grateful for her dedicated treatment.









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